Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Okay we know we just got on here, but we just possibly could not wait to tell you guys about our adventures* Adventure-to dress impeccably Glamhuerous for an unplanned night out resulting in spontaneous amazement! We love networking and socializing with our sickening friends but every now and then a girl needs to have an Adventure. Lately we've been working tons and just needed to be amazed, so we got dolled up and headed out for our next Adventure. After having glitter filled cocktails and dancing in the mirror at home, we decided to head out to find Glamhuerous people like us. Quickly, we hopped into a cab and yelled "to Crimson darling"! With a buzz from earlier we stepped out and entered the fabulous Sax Hotel. Dressed in Glamhuer* our outfits demanded attention as we glided across the floor to the nearest bar. We were immediately greeted by the bartender with free martinis and champagne. After that the dance floor was ours! The music was amazing that we danced back and fourth through the entire place. After being adored by everyone we ventured out to each glamhuerously vintage room filled with mirrors and chandeliers. It was amazing! We met beautiful people, threw glitter in the air and had so much fun! Until our next Adventure...Send us a story about an Adventure of your own!

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